The World’s Leading Vision AI solutions for Sea Ports

State-of-the-art Vision AI Algorithms uniquely designed for marine ports and terminals that enhances the safety, security and operation of workers and machine operators at the port


Key Features

Port Safety

Worker PPE Non-compliance

Identifying port workers who do not comply with PPE gear requirements

Extreme Row Non-compliance

Identifying port areas on the extreme row that do not comply with safety guidelines

Spreader non-compliance

Identifying machine spreaders that do not comply with existing safety requirements

Lashing work non-compliance

Identifying workers carrying out lashing work that fall short of compliance requirements

Worker falling or slipping

Identifying marine port workers getting into a minor accident on site

Container Handling Non-Compliance

Determining specific container handling activities that do not comply with safety requirements

Obstruction to Gantry and Box junction

Detecting obstructions at gantries and box junctions and resolving them quickly

Haulier on main drive

Identifying haulier vehicles set to main drive quickly before accidents

Over-speeding, Illegal Stopping or Turning

Identifying vehicles driving beyond the stipulated speed limit and committing other illegal activities

Port Security

Perimeter Security, Intrusion, Loitering

Ensuring the safety and security of the perimeter by keeping trespassers out quickly

Person & Vehicle, Detection, Recognition, Tracking

Ensuring safety of the port by quickly detecting and identifying people and vehicles

Anomaly Detection, Abandoned Object, Weapons, Fights

Discerning abnormalities timely to prevent security lapses and ensuring the safety of all

Why cyPort

Key Advantages

  • Self Learning AI Algorithms

    Artificial intelligence technology that implements intelligent machine learning capabilities to initiate learning from past activiites and results

  • Real Time Alerts At The Industry Highest Accuracy

    Obtain warnings and signals in real-time to react decisively and quickly for the best outcomes

  • Extremely Low False Alarm Rate

    Be assured of the highest degree of accuracy to prevent time and effort wastage on false alarms

  • Privacy Compliance And Anonymisation

    Be confident knowing that our systems and technology are fully privacy compliant to each country's local laws

  • Automated SOP-Based Response

    Automation takes away manual challenges while our SOP-based responses ensure that everything is done by the book

  • Situational Awareness Dashboard

    A unique and carefully constructed dashboard that assesses and reports the ongoing situation

  • Any Camera Any VMS

    Connect to any camera or VMS easily with our modern technology to keep cities safe quickly

  • Offence Case Management

    Handle and oversee offence cases with our robust system

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