The World’s Leading Vision AI solutions for Correctional Facilities

Enabling Safety and Eliminating Risks in Prisons and Correctional Facilities

cyCorrections is the world's leading Vision AI solution for Correctional Facilities, providing 24/7 safety and security monitoring with automated alerts for safety breaches, fights, suicide attempts, and all other inmate offenses


Key Features

Detection of Inmate Aggressive Behaviour

Identifying hostile inmate behaviour quickly to prevent the situation from escalating out of hand

Detection of Inmate Attempts to Commit Self-harm

Detecting inmate efforts to perform self-harming activities to ensure safety

Detection Of Inmate Attempts To Commit Suicide

Detecting inmate efforts to take their lives to ensure their safety

Continuous And Scheduled Inmate Counting

Making sure that every inmate is accounted for and to ensure there is no missing person at all times

Detection Of Weapons And Illegal Objects

Preventing inmates from being in possession of harmful weapons or criminal objects that could inflict harm to others or themselves

Continuous Inmate Recognition And Identification

The continuous process of identifying and recognising inmates to make sure everyone is present

Continuous Inmate Behaviour Analysis

Continuous assessment of the behaviour of inmates to identify potential aggression or unwanted actions

Cell, Housing Unit And Block Profiling

Scrutinising the different areas to make sure everything goes smooth

Why cyCorrections

Key Advantages

  • Self Learning AI Algorithms

    Artificial intelligence technology that implements intelligent machine learning capabilities to initiate learning from past activiites and results

  • Real Time Alerts At The Industry Highest Accuracy

    Obtain warnings and signals in real-time to react decisively and quickly for the best outcomes

  • Extremely Low False Alarm Rate

    Be assured of the highest degree of accuracy to prevent time and effort wastage on false alarms

  • Privacy Compliance And Anonymisation

    Be confident knowing that our systems and technology are fully privacy compliant to each country's local laws

  • Automated SOP-Based Response

    Automation takes away manual challenges while our SOP-based responses ensure that everything is done by the book

  • Situational Awareness Dashboard

    A unique and carefully constructed dashboard that assesses and reports the ongoing situation

  • Any Camera Any VMS

    Connect to any camera or VMS easily with our modern technology to keep cities safe quickly

  • Offence Case Management

    Handle and oversee offence cases with our robust system

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