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cyAir enables airport operators to enhance safety, security and efficiency at the airside, terminals, roads and port’s perimeter


Key Features

Airport Safety

Verification of FOD walk

Taking safety measures to review Foreign Object Debris (FOD) activities to prevent FOD from taking place

Dollies/BT Overloading Violation

Identifying cargo dollies and checked baggage violations to prevent accidents

Intrusion or left behind object in Apron

Detecting intrusions or foreign objects being left behind in aircraft apron markings for their timely removal

No break check violation

Swift detection of the failure to inspect the working condition of aircraft brakes

Marshalling verification

Ensuring that the marshal deployed on the apron ground is validated

Worker PPE, harness and lifeline verification

Making sure that all workers' protective gear and safety equipment are authenticated

Carts Double Stacking violation

Identifying aviation baggage carts flouting double stacking guidelines

Door frisking verification

Verifying that door frisking equipment are working as per normal

Over speeding, illegal stopping or turning

Picking up vehicles that are speeding, stopping, or turning illegally

Passenger Terminals

Person Identification

Recognising individuals through their facial features through the efficient and precise processing of video footage

Person Appearance, Track and Trace

Determining the different aspects of people, from demographics down to their clothes to perform different activities, including tracking and tracing

Person Abnormal Behaviour

Detecting unusual behaviour from people as a pre-emptive measure

Crowd Abnormal Behaviour

Identifying unusual crowd behaviour to mitigate the situation and ensure the safety of others quickly

Counting, Queues, Heatmap

Tallying passengers in terminals, assessing queues and heatmap movements

Abandoned and Illegal Objects

Determining abandoned and illegal items left behind

Airport Security

Perimeter security, Intrusion, Loitering

Ensuring security of the airport by detecting unwanted intrusions, perimeter breaches, and suspicious loitering of individuals

Person & Vehicle Detection, Recognition, Tracking

Detecting and recognising people and vehicles, as well as tracking them

Anomaly Detection, Abandoned Object, Weapons, Fights

Identifying abnormalities in the form of discarded objects, weapons, and brawls taking place

Why cyAir

Key Advantages

  • Self Learning AI Algorithms

    Artificial intelligence technology that implements intelligent machine learning capabilities to initiate learning from past activiites and results

  • Real Time Alerts At The Industry Highest Accuracy

    Obtain warnings and signals in real-time to react decisively and quickly for the best outcomes

  • Extremely Low False Alarm Rate

    Be assured of the highest degree of accuracy to prevent time and effort wastage on false alarms

  • Live Dashboard Integration With Port C2/PSIM

    Real-time dashboard implementation into aviation systems

  • Automated SOP-Based Response To Incidents

    Automation takes away manual challenges while our SOP-based responses ensure that everything is done by the book

  • Any Camera (PTZ/Fixed), Any VMS

    Connect to any camera or VMS easily with our modern technology to keep cities safe quickly

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